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Buried in the Yarn

Whew! It's been a crazy time since my last post.

I finished the plastic and crochet purse. You can see it here.

Of course, my daughter still insists on calling it the "bra purse". I have it posted in my Etsy store (

Since my last post, I've been doing a whole lot of things. I just don't sit still very well! Aside from the usual household drudgery (which I put off as much as possible) my family has had quite a few Scout things going on. My son is in Boy Scouts and my daughter's are in Girl Scouts.

I finished the pattern for a set of fingerless gloves. I made them short so that they won't hit my sleeve cuffs when I'm volunteering at Pioneer Farms Living History Museum.

I've taught a weaving class. It started out to be an 8-hour class on rigid-heddle and became a 4-Harness loom class instead. The three students I had were more interested in the harness loom because they had just bought one on Craig's List. They found a really great deal. I think they had a good time, and they made a good start on some cotton towelling for me to finish. We always need towels out at the museum.

Then I found a really amazing book called "The Woven Bag, 30+ projects from small looms" by Noreen Crone-Findlay. Very exciting projects using things like the pot holder looms that I used as a child. Of course I had to abscond with my kids' loom so that I could try some of the projects out!

Here you can see my first little woven square. I used two different weights of cotton, just for fun. I kind of like the outcome. I'll probably make a small purse out of it.

While doing that, I figured out that I needed a longer crochet hook to follow the patterns. I didn't feel like making one yet (that will probably come soon) so I bought an afghan crochet hook.

That reminded me that I wanted to try out the Tunisian crochet, so I started a small dish cloth out of cotton with the hook. Here's where I'm at with that right now. It actually creates a very thick fabric.

I want to see if this will work with some of the sweater patterns that I am working on.

I also found a box of old quilt tops that my grandmother had and made the happy discovery that I have six quilt tops that are ready to quilt. This doesn't count the quilt tops that needed repair, nor my quilt tops that I am currently working on.

In the stack of stuff in this box was two squares that were the old donkey pattern. I love this pattern and I want to make them into pillows for a friend who loves donkeys.

The 18 inch doll hangers that are selling regularly for me on Etsy gave me the idea to make 12.5 inch doll size hangers. I'm also finishing up a crocheted rag rug purse this week. So, hopefully I can post about those next week.

As you can see, one project leads to ideas for more projects for me until it snowballs into an avalanche of projects which buries me alive!!

Keep creating!!!


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