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Well, It's a Start

Wow. I've been thinking about starting a blog for a while now. Finally got it set up. Not as easy as they make it out to be.

Now it's done. Yea!!!

I've set this up to let people know what's going on with my adventures in making and selling handmade gifts and accessories. I started an Etsy shop last November. So far, that has gone fairly well.

The biggest seller so far in my shop has been the 18" Doll Clothes Hangers. I make them with 18 gauge floral wire.

I'm in the process of trying to add one or two items per week. This week it's little purses made from recycled plastic and crocheted yarn. They're cute. I got the idea from a craft project where they made purses out of recycled plastic soda bottles (the 2 liter ones).

I don't buy sodas however, so I couldn't justify buying soda just to craft with the empty bottles. Well, I could, I just don't want my family drinking sodas. We're active enough without the extra sugar and caffeine.

I did stumble across some plastic that is used to retain the bra cup shapes when they are being shipped to the store. So I used those! I know - rude names just flow into the brain for these purses! And my ten-year-old found the plastic when I brought them home and said, "Mom, look!" as she held them up to her chest. So they are definitely identifiable - we'll see if that changes with the finished product.

I've only got enough for five purses, so we'll see how these sell.

Keep creating!


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